Testing in Production – Risks and Rewards

October 16, 2019
In traditional waterfall software development models, testing was limited to a distinct lifecycle phase that occurred after implementation and before deployment. While this approach has its advantages, like clearly defined stages and comprehensive milestones, modern software development methodologies favor continuous testing because of the speed and agility it provides. Many software testing activities have become…
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Two Factor Authentication Methods: Pros and Cons

September 22, 2019
Online apps and services provide a level of flexibility and convenience that was hard to imagine just a few decades ago. However, they also leave users vulnerable to hacks, phishing attacks and other digital mischief. Often, the only thing guarding your personal and sensitive information is a simple password. This level of safety is simply…
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Overcoming the 5 Most Common DevOps Challenges

August 25, 2019
DevOps has taken the IT world by storm, and many companies are reaping the rewards of adopting a DevOps approach to software development. This is done by encouraging increased communication and collaboration between operations staff and developers throughout the entire software development lifecycle. A well implemented DevOps strategy allows organizations to minimize their speed to…
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4 Ways to Integrate Client Feedback into the Development Process

July 25, 2019
It is all too common for dev teams to focus only on tech, without paying enough attention to user feedback. This approach often results in a product that is technologically sound but just does not resonate with the target audience. Customer experience can make or break a product, so integrating user feedback into every step…
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