Locking Down Your Data: Azure Data Security

April 22, 2018
In late 2014, Apple’s iCloud service was breached by rogue hackers. The hackers stole and later circulated online private photos belonging to several celebrities. Since then, many people – and organizations – have been leery of using public cloud storage. After all, how safe is it to keep confidential data on a server that you…
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The Battle of AWS and Azure: An Unbiased Comparison

March 12, 2018
Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) has ruled public cloud computing for nearly 12 years. From a Gartner report, their server capacity is a staggering 10 times higher than that of their 14 closest cloud competitors combined. Microsoft-led Azure, which launched in 2010, is doing all it can to catch up, however. It managed to lower…
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